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Our company was born in 1985 by Joan Gibernau Lloveras and David Gibernau Bach, Master glassmakers recognized by La Generalitat de Catalunya, and a little later Coral Gibernau Bach becomes part of the management team.
Currently Coral and David Gibernau are the ones heading the company.

Glass / Trade
We work with glass and everything that surrounds the glass, if we need other materials for your project our team of professionals is large enough to accommodate other disciplines or trades (R&D, design, prototyping, plumbing, carpentry, metalworking, signage, etc.)
We have our own machinery, workshop and placeholders.
In the machinery section it’s worth noting that we have one of the largest ovens in Catalonia that allows glass to merge up to 260 x 180 cm. In the section on bending we can reach arrows of 50 cm.
We make our own molds to melt or bend glass.
We have a sanding machine that allows sandblasting of glass up to 240 x 180 cm.
We manofacture:
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Bathroom mirrors / LED Bath mirrors / Decorative mirrors / Batroom screens / Sliding doors / Hinged doors / Sinks / Separations / Skylights / Pasables glass / Canopies / Curious pieces
Display cabinets / Furniture / Textures / Trophies / Sculptures / Vinil painting / Photos
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